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Podcast advertising could be the most effective in communicating with your customer and promoting engagement through common lifestyle interests



Podcasts: Wikipedia defines it as “ radio on demand” it is a pre-recorded audio program, published on the website and available for download on personal computers or mobile devices to be listen to when the listener wishes. Podcasting allows brands to communicate to a captiveAudience. With lifestyle on the goal the power to have the podcasting on demand allows companies and brands to tell their story anywhere at any time. Resulting in higher levels of listening and engagement.  Audience. With lifestyle on the goal the power to have the podcasting on demand allows companies and brands to tell their story anywhere at any time, resulting in higher levels of listening and engagement.


There are no more than 850,000 podcast on the market and podcast fans populate more than half of the household in America. The spend on podcast advertising was over $479 million last year and expected to exceed $1 billion by 2021 in the United States alone.


People are listening to learn, be entertained, stay up-to-date, relax, and feel inspired more than half of the podcast listeners say that they are somewhat or much more likely to consider a brand they learned about in a podcast ad.


Women over 50 account for 27% of all consumer spending that’s 3% more than men of that age. Forbes has called women over 50 super consumers because, with over 15 trillion in purchasing power they are the healthiest, wealthiest and most active generation in history.


Market coverage- Boom Goddess podcast, KXCI website hosting Boom Goddess Radio, Radio Phoenix - focuses on local news and culture, music, artist, and more. Jennifer Davis-Paige, the host of  Boom Goddess Radio has a weekly show on Sunday from 11:30-12:00 noon. Together there are over 100,000 listeners.  


For further information on advertising packages call Jennifer at  773-355-1208.


“It was such a pleasure to be interviewed by Jennifer Davis-Paige for a podcast and radio show for Boom Goddess      

Radio on “Traveling During Covid”.  Jennifer was very 

well prepared and asked excellent questions, allowing me to be informative to the audience. I know the podcast was a success as I added it to my website and my clients received additional information on Traveling During Covid.


Thanks Jennifer and Boom Goddess Radio or bringing this important topic to your audience.”


Pat Davitt; Travel Expert; Voliamo Travel

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